Popular Choices of Chauffeur Cars in London

Limousine driverWhen you think of a chauffeur car, what make of car comes to mind? I suppose to many this question has a very similar answer. Many passengers prefer the refined German engineering such as a Mercedes while others would have nothing less than a good British icon such as a Bentley or indeed a Jaguar. Truth is when it comes to cars everyone has different tastes, different cars have different qualities and even chauffeurs themselves have a preferred ‘driving car’.

When hiring a chauffeur car in London you will see that chauffeur companies will have different options available. These different types of cars are often put into categories:

Prestige: In this category you would usually find fine vehicles such as the Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Flying Spur, Range Rover and even the Maybach. These vehicle do not need ‘dressing up’ they are simply outstanding.

Luxury: The Mercedes S Class Limo range is possibly the most respected in this category saying that the BMW 7 series and Audi A8 are of excellent quality, looks and comfort and therefore are also a very popular choice of luxury chauffeur car.

Executive: Again the Mercedes Saloon range is the main player here with the E Class being a good choice for corporate travel and airport transfers for up to 3 passengers. This is a cost effective option. BMW and Audi also have models that fit well into this category but are less popular.

The group passenger vehicle we have found to work the best is the Mercedes Viano which combines luxury, space and quality. The Extra Long models offer exceptional luggage space while not compromising on leg room. The vehicles are perfect for families, groups of delegates, sightseeing tours and long distance journeys. “

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