Is it just a car that makes your journey different?

When it comes to chauffeur driven cars the prestige vehicles used are one powerful statement but what makes a chauffeur driven car a truly great experience? Is it the car itself or is the person behind the wheel the real reason people turn to a chauffeur driven service provide? No doubt a slick Mercedes limo is one of the most widely chosen chauffeur vehicle which gives the passenger roomy luxury and elegance.
Combine this with a calm meandering chauffeur driver and what you have is a recipe of delight.

We often ask our customers to feedback on our chauffeur service and one thing that always comes before any comment about the car is the feedback on the driver. It seems that passengers quickly forget the beauty of a vehicle and quickly turn their attention to give thoughts and experiences of the chauffeur before anything else. So in short, what makes a journey pleasant, comfortable or unforgettable? We say its not all about the car, its more about the professional behind the wheel that makes the memory.

Relaxing Airport Transfers

Happy Woman Getting Down From CarA London Airport Transfer shouldn’t just be a ride in a car to the airport!  It should be an enjoyable experience!  For many business travelers, the traveling time between their city office and the airport is often a time of relaxation or a time to reflect and recompose. It is important for a chauffeur driver to be attentive and observe their passengers responses.  Many passengers may not wish to be disturbed while traveling in a chauffeur driven car preferring the silence and the gentle movements of their chauffeur car while for many it is a time to take themselves away from work mode and discuss perhaps the weekend’s shameful results of their favourite football team.

Corporate clients like Financial Houses, International Law Firms and Banks entrust a chauffeur Read More

Travelling in the Summer Heat

girl in the summer sunWith the glorious weather we have been blessed with in recent days don’t take a crowed tube or a London Taxi with no air conditioning when travelling around London.

Chauffeur cars provide pleasant travelling conditions and the comforts we are all desire. Air con, refreshing bottled water, tinted uv protected windows, mints, newspapers and wi-if have become a chauffeurs arsenal aimed at pleasing the passenger and to give them a pleasant experience while traveling from one destination to another. Some passengers prefer their chauffeur car to be ‘freezing cold’ while others prefer a nice comfortable ambience of a constant 19 degrees. Whatever your preferred temperature just tell the driver. Read More

Popular Choices of Chauffeur Cars in London

Limousine driverWhen you think of a chauffeur car, what make of car comes to mind? I suppose to many this question has a very similar answer. Many passengers prefer the refined German engineering such as a Mercedes while others would have nothing less than a good British icon such as a Bentley or indeed a Jaguar. Truth is when it comes to cars everyone has different tastes, different cars have different qualities and even chauffeurs themselves have a preferred ‘driving car’.

When hiring a chauffeur car in London you will see that chauffeur companies will have different Read More

Visiting the O2 London

view from O2 LondonThe former Millennium Dome Greenwich which most of us now know as the O2 Arena has become a renowned venue for its London music events and putting on some of the best concerts in the Capital thus  attracting visitors from all over the country and even abroad.This entertainment district of London not only houses the indoor arena but is also complemented with a music club, a Cineworld cinema, an exhibition space, piazzas, bars and restaurants where fans and party goers can take full advantage of a night out. While the Peninsular is well served by North Greenwich Tube Station on the Jubilee Line, there are other means of transport to aid you in getting to the o2 Arena such as London Taxis, London private chauffeurs. Read More

What To Expect From A Worthy Wedding Chauffeur Service

Wedding DressInvesting in a reputable chauffeur service that can take the bride, groom and guests to the wedding is important. You don’t want any last minute problems because you couldn’t get to the wedding on time due to the chauffeurs turning up late. Read on for some things to keep in mind when trying to find a great service such as EVO Chauffeurs.

Easy To Make A Booking

Planning a wedding can be a real nightmare and it wouldn’t help matters if the chauffeur service makes it difficult for you to book them. Flexibility in terms how long they can stay with you on the day, and the type of cars that they are able to provide you with is important. The phrase “the customer is always right” really does apply in such a scenario because the Read More

Let London Chauffeurs Make Your Wedding Day More Memorable

Wedding PhotoOrganising your wedding can be both exciting and daunting. Couples naturally want to make sure that they get everything just right for the big day, from the floral arrangements and venue through to the reception and transport. When it comes to transport for your big day, one way in which you can take the stress out of the day is to book professional London chauffeurs with luxury vehicles.

As one of the most special days of your life, it’s only natural that you want to be able to travel in comfort and style on your wedding day. When you hire a London chauffeur you will be able to add an extra special touch to your day, injecting the glamour that will make your big day even more memorable. You can enjoy traveling to your venue in complete comfort as you get yourself prepared for the excitement that lies ahead and you’ll feel like a million dollars as you Read More

Celebrating in Style in London

London is a fantastic place to celebrate a special occasion and our chauffeurs can make it even more special. Why not take a loved one on a surprise day out. We will arrive in the morning to collect you in our luxury vehicle and whisk you away to the capital itself.

What you do there is entirely up to you but here are some suggestions:

Tea at the Ritz

Draw up in your chauffeur driven car and take tea at the Ritz, it’s one of those things that everyone should do at least once. Enjoy the plush surroundings and enjoy afternoon tea in style. Prices (August 2014) are from £47.00 per person. Do remember there is a dress code and booking in advance is required. Read More

Let London Chauffeurs Get You To and From the Airport in Style

Airport control towerThe airports in and around London are all extremely busy ones, and whether you are flying into one of these hubs or heading on a flight out of one, the chances are that you will have lengthy queues to battle your way through. With this in mind, the last thing you want to do is dealing with the stress of driving to or from the airport and battling with the busy London traffic.

One way in which you can avoid the need to do this is by hiring London chauffeurs for your airport trip. You can hire a chauffeur and car to get you to the airport, pick you up from the airport, or both. When you use this type of service for your airport trip, you will not only be able to travel in complete comfort and luxury but you will also arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and relaxed. Read More

London Chauffeur Services for Busy People

busy corporate womanHave you ever wondered why rich, famous and “important” people travel around London in chauffeur driven limousines. It might not be what you think. They really don’t just do it to look important, there are many other benefits for using London chauffeurs to get around, it really isn’t only about the “look at me” factor, in fact that doesn’t come into it at all.

Hiring the services of London chauffeurs (or even having your very own personal chauffeur at your disposal) means that busy people can get to where they need to be relaxed and on time.

Regular users of London chauffeurs include the heads of large organisations which need Read More