Private Client Chauffeur Services

Buckingham Palace LondonWe’ve all seen the celebrities turning up at red carpet events, book signings, opening exhibitions and turning on the Christmas lights in London pulling up in smart, shiny limousines which are twice the size of your average road car – we’ve all watched and we’ve all dreamed. Celebrities, politicians, important people and the ridiculously wealthy aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the services of London chauffeurs you know.

Many London Chauffeurs offer their services for private clients too, not just corporate organisations, you too could benefit from the services of a chauffeur driven limousine around London. What sorts of things do us ordinary folk use London Chauffeurs services for?

  • Going on a special trip and want to get it off to a fine start? London chauffeurs will happily see to your airport transfers to any of the airports in London and the surrounding areas including London Gatwick Airport, London Heathrow Airport, London Stansted Airport, London City Airport and London Luton Airport.
  • Getting married? This is one of the few times when the majority of people live the high life and employ the services of London chauffeurs but why restrict it to the bridge and groom, what about the bridesmaids and other important guests?
  • Going on a special night out? Perhaps it’s a special birthday, hen party, stag party or special wedding anniversary. Employing the services of London Chauffeurs can make your night even more memorable.
  • Many London chauffeur firms will also offer specialist protection services if need be so as well as getting a chauffeur driven ride around London in a limousine you’ll also have the services of protection personnel.

As you can see, London chauffeurs are not just for the rich and famous, the VIP’s of the world, they can also provide a very special service for you. Contact us for more information.

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